Saturday 24 October 2015

Award Winning Photograph is on show in Telling Stories

Entrance 1
Entrance 1, Berlin was selected this Fall by the North Vancouver Arts Council for the Best Photograph AwardThis image is part of the series On the Wall photographed in Germany in 2014. The series explores the infusion of graffiti and art on the walls of buildings in Germany's two largest cities, Hamburg and Berlin. It was also featured in the current edition of Galleries West.
Edward Peck uses his camera and the digital darkroom to explore hidden beauty in what surrounds us, using the very technology that blinds us. His use of technology isolates images and moves them into the print medium producing photographs that hover on the edge of photography and watercolour. In printed form, Peck's images allow the viewer to see something missed in an environment of incessant media bombardment and reveal insights into what surrounds us.

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