Tuesday 8 March 2016

Still Telling Stories

Students from Strathcona Elementary School and Britannia Secondary School visited Telling Stories: a visual art exhibition for a gallery tour led by Best B4 Collective Artists. After their visit to the On-Tak Cheung Gallery in the Chinese Cultural Centre Museum, artists visited classrooms to work with students and teachers to extend storytelling into writing, photography and ceramics projects. 

Students in Annie Simard's Grade 4/5 Class at Strathcona Elementary School returned to the gallery to interview Strathcona Elders
who in turn told them stories during group interviews. In their classroom, they worked with Alison Keenan and Phyllis Schwartz to write about elders and their observations about changes in Strathcona over the years. 

Students in Ariel Boulet's Ceramics class worked with Debra Sloan, Alison Keenan and Phyllis Schwartz to explore slip casting and experiment with sculptural forms. Edward Peck spoke about his Berlin graffiti project, and photography students explored the Strathcona and Commercial Drive Communities to find graffiti art as subject material for their digital photography. 

Student work is currently on display in the foyer at the Vancouver Schoolboard (1580 West Broadway) until the end of March.  These projects were partially funded by the City of Vancouver, the Best B4 Collective, the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver and Vancouver School Board District Fine Arts.  

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  1. A big thank you to all the students for their participation and the teachers for their support and encouragement for our Telling Stories Art Exhibition.