Sunday 13 December 2015

Looking Back at BestB4 Collective Community Events — Tea and Storytelling

Sophi Liang, visual artist exhibiting in Telling Stories, organized an afternoon Tea and Story Party for the BestB4 Collective at the Chinese Cultural Centre Museum on Saturday, 21 November. The first of three community events included presentations by Ben Fong, tea specialist and Jim Wong-Chu, historian and poet.
Ben Fong explains the purpose of two types of tea bowls

Fong demonstrated and narrated tea preparation techniques. This included several styles of tea brewing accompanied by a samples. A generous assortment of tea cakes and treats were shared along with stories about the history of tea and tea culture.

Wong-Chu read poems about Chinatown from Chinatown Ghosts, published by Pulp Arsenal Press. These poems prompted stories about Chinatown history and culture.
Jim Wong-Chu reads from Chinatown Ghosts

Well attended and well documented, Liang's Tea and Story Party lingered until late in the afternoon. Telling Story/a visual art exhibition continues in the On-Tak Exhibition Hall at the Chinese Cultural Centre Museum of Greater Vancouver (555 Columbia at Keefer) until Saturday, 19 December. The gallery is open Tuesday- Sunday (11 - 5 pm).

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