Tuesday 8 December 2015

School Tours Continue — Britannia Secondary Students Visit Telling Stories/a visual art exhibition

Britannia Secondary School students in Ariel Boulet's Ceramics and Photography classes visited Telling Stories/a visual art exhibition on Friday, 04 December. They were greeted by Alison Keenan and Phyllis Schwartz,  curators of the exhibition, who introduced to the idea of conflict as a central storytelling element in the exhibition. Edward Peck, Jim Friesen and Debra Sloan spoke to the specifics of their work on show.

Edward Peck explained the process of discovering layers of storytelling on the graffitied walls in Berlin. He quoted Dorthea Langer: "A camera is a tool for learning how to see without a camera," and illustrated the application of this quote in his work.

The development of his series was the focus of Jim Friesen's artist talk. He explained how he used both sequence and title to develop the concept of a mystery unfolding in his landscape photography. In his talk about The Swimmer, he spoke about both poetic and narrative elements in his imagery. 

Debra Sloan spoke about the sources of the stories found in her ceramic sculpture. She focussed on character and conflict. She further explained that the sculptural surface offered the opportunity to add narrative landscape elements. 

BestB4 Collective artists will continue to work with these students in their classes at Britannia Secondary School, and their work will be displayed in the foyer of the Vancouver School Board in February.                  

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